16 Mar

My husband is home for most of the day today, and we’ve been having some calm, natural family time. Nothing special, a little bit of cleaning and some grocery shopping. While at the grocery store, my daughter demands hugs every couple of aisles. That is something that I’m not really proud to say has been an annoyance to me in the past, because I was trying to accomplish whatever task I was working on. Recently however, I have been relishing those times. She won’t be my little girl for long, and the time is already going by quicker than I want it to, so I’m taking the time to enjoy my little 2-year-old. After all–it’s only three months from now that I will no longer have a 2-year-old, but a 3-year-old who is growing and changing more than I realize. The emotions alone, when she wraps her arms tightly around my neck, are enough to bring tears to my eyes, and melt my heart.

Yesterday as I was sorting through paperwork and trying to organize bills, work out arrangements for an upcoming party, talk on the phone, get last-minute gifts ready to be given and a couple other tasks all at once, I was overwhelmed. Of course this was one of those times when my little girl decided that she needed hugs one right after the other. After a good dozen hugs, when she asked for another, I calmly replied, “not now baby.” Her reply was sweet and short and enough to snap my priorities back into line, when she said “I love you mommy”, and continued running around. I immediately stopped everything that I was doing, and just thought to myself how can I say no to this request? So of course she got her hug and I put aside all of the things that I was working on, and just spent some time enjoying watching her run around the room and come back for a hug over and over.

It’s the blessings like this that are so easily lost amid the everyday hustle and bustle. Those are definitely the kind of memories that I will cherish in the future, and I would not want to look back to remember all of the things that I was “too busy” with as her childhood passed me by. clichés often seem so laughable until you’re put in the situation that they describe perfectly.

 ““From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.”                                                                                                                -John 1:16

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