Guess I’m Just A “Bible Thumper”

16 Mar

Sitting at home listening to Ascend the Hill (, while Sarah dances and I’m looking through art of Jesus Christ, my mind wandered back to a conversation that was only partially had yesterday with a friend. The basic thought here is– It is heartbreaking that something as little as simply believing in God (that is to say, only believing that He exists, regardless of whether or not you go to church, or believe that there are certain things that He wants you to do etc.) can turn people to disliking you because you’re a “Bible Thumper”.

I believe in God. I believe in the Bible and I have the desire to follow it, though I will be the first to admit, that I’m nowhere near ‘perfect’ at doing so all the time. I don’t regularly attend church, and I don’t truly study my the Word of God as much as I should. Because of these reasons, I was dumbfounded a couple of months ago when somebody called me a “Bible Thumper”. Not only the name, but the meaning and tone of disgust that it was said with.

Thinking about the people who haven’t found God or haven’t accepted Him makes me so sad. Three years ago, I would have been one of them, and I can’t understand how I made it to where I am from that point. It makes me sad though, because they can’t feel what I feel. They can’t feel the freedom and the joy and the security that I feel because I know that somebody all-knowing, it watching over me. Does that mean nothing bad will ever happen? No, but it means that even if the whole world were to turn against me, I would still have somebody that cared about me. I know I’ve learned a lesson between “believing” and “accepting”, from the feeling that I get when I read “I can do all things through Christ”, or from reading that I am never alone. I’ve been on both sides reading that where I’ve just brushed it off and said “yeah right”, and now when I can feel that I am not alone, no matter what. It’s amazing, and really indescribably (and trying to describe it is causing me to ramble, so I’ll just stop).

How have we gotten to such a time and place where believing in God is mocked and just looked down on? Or even that it is done so openly and carelessly? I find it so sad that my daughter will be raised in this world. I pray constantly that I raise her well enough to praise God no matter what people will think of her for it. I hope to raise her with the knowledge of the people and the places who have no knowledge of God, and don’t know how lucky they are for what He has done for us. I want to raise her with the non-sugarcoated truth about the people who die daily just because they believe in God and will not deny Him.

The education of my daughter is one of the reasons that I started digging into my belief in God again within the last couple of years. I kept questioning what I was going to tell her about certain things, how I would explain certain things. Some things, I just don’t know how to explain without scripture. I don’t have all of the answers, but God does, and He shared them with us for a reason. That showed me that I needed to be reading the words that He gave me, and I need to accept what He has been trying to teach me all of my life.

To sum up my point here-If I am a “Bible Thumper”, or a “Jesus Freak” or “God Freak” or whatever other names I’ve heard in the past, I will gladly accept that, but I will just hope that anyone calling me this, doesn’t think that I take it as an insult. I will take it as a compliment, considering it a great thing that God is showing through me enough to make those names come to anyones minds.

Though I’ve only touched on the subject, if you’d like more information on the unreached, and persecuted, visit the sites below:


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5 responses to “Guess I’m Just A “Bible Thumper”

  1. Mollie Player

    March 17, 2012 at 1:15 am

    Thanks for the light and love. Good stuff.

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    April 5, 2012 at 3:49 am

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