26 Mar

I’ve been back to drawing again today. I have really enjoyed myself. It got me thinking again about trying to sell my stuff. Many people have told me that I should over the last few years, from family to former co-workers who I rarely even spoke to. The reason that I haven’t tried is a whole confidence/self-esteem thing. I really can’t even explain it myself, because I know it’s stupid. Basically, I don’t want to try in case people don’t like it–but lots of people have already said that they like it.

I’ve always been very much into art, in pretty much any from. I consider pretty much anything a form of art, whether I “get it” or not. When I was little-too little to help-I remember watching my mom paint. My moms artistic ability is a lot like my own: it’s there, but she herself wouldn’t admit it. I’ve always enjoyed drawing. When I was nine years old, my mom managed a craft store, and there was a painter there who wanted to have classes at the store, and had a demonstration by the front door to get people to sign up. Since she couldn’t find a volunteer who wanted to paint in front of anybody and everybody who would come in the store, somehow I ended up doing it. It was oil painting, and I had never tried it and didn’t even know anything about it. I stood in the front of the store, and throughout the day, I painted a beautiful landscape. I later took the classes that she ended up giving (because she had gotten so many people to sign up by seeing the demonstration), and I painted around half a dozen different canvases. I was hooked. I loved it. The first one that I did is still my favorite and it was given to my grandparents. Over the last thirteen years, and various moves, I have misplaced or ripped the canvas of most of them. Along with the first one, I have another of a still life hanging at my dads parents home, and a unicorn hanging in my daughters bedroom, and I’m grateful to have the few that I do that I can look back on.

At eleven years old, my dad taught me a new form of painting: automobile painting. Starting off small wasn’t an option. My dad used to paint cars, and trailers and whatever else for people as a job/hobby. How did I start? On a “customers” trailer. Likely just boosting my ego a bit, my dad bragged to everyone about the great job that I did on my first paint job, telling them that I did a better job than he did. While I know he was exaggerating, it was always nice to hear that he was proud. Plus he must not have been stretching it too much because he soon decided that our lawn mower fleet (four riding mowers) needed new paint jobs, and I was the one to do it.

I’ve always drawn, painted and I’ve dabbled in scrapbooking, sculpting, knitting, building, and so many more arts and crafts. Drawing is always the one that I end up coming back to. It is the most relaxing thing that I do. I enjoy sitting down with a pencil and paper, and playing some music. Nothing else calms me quite like the freedom of a blank piece of paper…or anything else that I can create on.


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3 responses to “Art

  1. Sis

    March 27, 2012 at 9:14 am

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    April 7, 2012 at 10:06 pm

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