Terrible Twos?

03 Apr

For anyone who knows me, you probably know that I’m not really comfortable around kids–at least not other people’s kids. My little angel though–it just comes naturally to me. I know how I want her to be raised and disciplined and she knows the rules of the house, and knows what each tone of voice used towards her means. She is three months shy of her third birthday, and has some of the best manners I’ve ever seen in a child (especially one of her age). She is a wonderful helper, and likes to pick up laundry and clean with me. However, lately she’s been spending a lot of time with a friend of hers who is three years old, and the opposite sex. Let’s just say, it’s been very different for mommy. He’s a very hyper little boy, who does all of the things that boys do (push, climb, and run wild). He is such a smart little boy, and I love him as if he were my own. His knowledge and Sarah’s are quite opposite each others though. He knows his alphabet and can’t count to-I believe somewhere in the twenties- without any help. Sarah can do neither of those things yet.

Anyway, to get back on track here, my baby has been learning a lot from her little friend as well as from his presence. Along with the things she is learning directly from him, she is also learning how to push mommys boundaries and test the limits because he is around. We are slowly working him into the rules of our home when he is around, because his parents focused on different things at first than we did.We’re trying not to overwhelm him, I suppose. He doesn’t understand that there are rooms he isn’t allowed in, or that we don’t let our daughter play while she eats. Our rules aren’t anything serious, just things that he didn’t have to worry about at home.

I’m also having a hard time being firm in my rules, because I don’t like to be the boss of somebody elses children when the parents are around. I’m going to have to learn, otherwise things just won’t work out, obviously.

Another difficulty is schedules. My baby naps, but the little boy rarely does. My baby has quite an attitude when she doesn’t nap, helping to make some interesting afternoons. All in all, neither children are incredibly used to being around other kids, so they are both having to learn to deal with each other and sharing and all of the good things that goes along with that. In the end, I think it will be good for both of them, as well as for myself, forcing me to become more comfortable with other kids and parents and just growing into being me.

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