Dating a Married Man

06 Apr

Things have been extremely hectic lately between having a toddler, my husband having a fairly new job, creating a new budget, a new car, new car trouble, helping out friends in need, and worrying about sick toddlers. My husband and I have really not been taking the time-or really being able to find the time-to focus on each other and to focus on “us”. So we were pleasantly surprised this afternoon when my sister showed up and ended up taking our daughter for the weekend. At first, we had just planned to sit around the house and be lazy, but as we began to talk about it, we realized that we needed to take advantage of the rare opportunity to actually spend time alone. We quickly changed clothes, and headed out for a date. It was our first date since…our anniversary I believe, which was in September.

We headed to the next town over, went and enjoyed a buffet. It isn’t easy to go to a buffet with a toddler, so this was a treat. After dinner, a little window shopping and out for some ice cream. A $30.00 date, not bad at all.

We learned very shortly after the birth of our daughter that it was very helpful for us to have a “date night” on a regular basis, both for our sanity and for our relationship. It’s easy to lose the connection between a husband and wife when you both get caught up in daily life, too easy in fact. All of the added layers and responsibilities that each spouse takes on can very easily become something that takes priority over all else, if you don’t slow down to appreciate each other.

It’s nice to have the chance to talk to each other and share what’s been going on at home for me, and at work for him, without kids yelling in the background, or water running while you’re cleaning up the dinner mess. We’ve found that even if we can’t afford to do dinner and a movie, it’s nice to just take the time together and go walking, or even just staying in after the baby goes to bed, and watching a movie together. While we don’t always necessarily talk about anything important, the time alone just being together really helps us to reconnect and really just see each other. Something so simple, that used to be the only way either of us even wanted to spend our time, is definitely something that helps to keep our relationship strong, and I highly recommend it for every couple.

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