Needs Met (…and then some)

14 Apr

My husband and I have been through a lot financially in the three (nearly four) short years that we have been together. While I’d like to say that I think about it daily, and am always consciously grateful…to say that, would just be a lie. However this is not the first time, and will not be the last time that I have shared this, or examples like this one. Today my family got a new washer and dryer. Now, it’s not as simple as we had them but wanted new ones; this is actually the first washer and dryer that we have owned as a couple because up until now, there was no way that we could afford one. I will not be shy in saying that even now, things are tight, but I simply can’t ignore the fact that things have been so much worse for us.

When my husband and I married, he had a full-time job and was a disabled veteran. I started working two days after our wedding, until my pregnancy forced me to stop. We lived in a 1 room apartment, (not 1 bedroom, but 1 room) with a bed that folded into the closet to give us a living room. By the time our daughter was born, we had upgraded to a 1 bedroom apartment, and shared a room with a crib and hardly had enough room to walk through it. By our two-year anniversary, my husbands medical problems had forced him to quit his job to focus on his conditions and get multiple surgeries that were required to be able to function well enough to hold a job. We were both unemployed for two years–simultaneously.

During the period of time when neither of us were working, we were raising a child and just trying to get by. To say that things were rough would be an understatement, but looking back I (along with many others who were aware of the situation) am proud that we were living as well as we were. We weren’t able to afford the luxuries that so many people can’t live without like tv, or internet. We weren’t able to buy new clothes or shoes to replace ones that were worn through. We were relying on family to fix our cars when they had problems, to pay phone bills in case of emergencies, and to allow us to visit their homes weekly to do about seven loads of laundry at a time.

Throughout those two years, we had very little. Our main priority was to make sure that our daughter always had what she needed (clothes, food, diapers) and if there was extra money, we would buy her toys more often than not. While we didn’t have much, we had all that we needed: We had God.

We had an auto-insurance policy only weeks from expiring with NO probability of us being able to renew it. God provided. We were out of food and I found out one day at work that a friend had told the church that we were attending about our living/financial situation, and through the church, God provided. We had to replace our car, yet had no money for even a trade, God provided. The car that we got had high licensing fee, God provided. It needed all new tires, through friends (who insist they were not involved), God provided.

That is just a few examples of the material blessings that we received in that two years. The timing and “coincidence” of that, can not be explained in any other way than Gods love. You could not convince me that everything just happened to work out the way it did in ANY other way than through God. I have shared those details (more specifically) with family and friends when they were feeling down, not bragging (because I have nothing to brag about), but to share the power of God.

God has blessed my family in so many ways (not only materially)  over the years. Anybody who has had financial problems-and hasn’t everybody?-knows how down and depressed that situation can make you. I can’t imagine how we would have gotten through it all without God, without knowing God, and without knowing that God was and is with us all the time. Through those hard times, my faith was strengthened. Trusting in God, and knowing that He would provide for my family was all that I needed to do, and I wasn’t disappointed. There is a verse that I had to repeatedly remind myself of during those times:

31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.” -Matthew 6:31-32

Those verses proved to be so true.

Things have changed so much for my family since then. My husbands health is much better, and he was finally able to be released to go back to work. He began his new job as a cook on March 2, 2o12 and is already being trained to be an assistant manager. He loves his job, and is so happy to be able to provide for his family. We have been able to move into a two bedroom home, and to get some of the afore-mentioned luxuries. The one thing that hasn’t changed is God. He is still with us each and every day, and we know that. We are careful to never forget all that He has done for us, and all that He has brought us through. I am hoping to come up with some ways that I will be able to help others and give back and share the love that God has for me. We are excited to see what else God has in store for us and for our family and future.

“For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. . .”  -Psalm 37:28


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