Never Ending

04 Jun

It occurs to me as of late that the lessons that I have been learning from God seem to have no end. For some reason, I am surprised by this, although I’m not sure why. I guess I just expected to have a break between each one, but it seems that as soon as I figure one thing out, I am on a quest to find the answers to something else. Am I complaining about this? Not at all.

So what is/was my latest lesson? It’s homework that I’m still working on, but I finally came up with the first answer tonight when I finally decided to turn to the Bible for answers. That in itself was a lesson. I should have known that was the first place that I needed to go, and I really did know that but I didn’t feel like reading (terrible excuse). Anyway, the lesson is about friendship. Lately I’ve been in a situation where I feel that friends are using me and just a lot of other things that are bringing up red-flags, so I’ve been trying to figure out what I am supposed to do.

“I feel like I give everything to my friendships, and yet I receive nothing in return.” This is where I began writing on a piece of scrap paper, and it hit me almost instantly, “Maybe it’s just another test? To see if I will give in and slip up, or if I will stay strong and do what is right. Maybe I’m supposed to learn.” I had this sort of epiphany, “I put too much faith in my friends.” 

If I’m putting so much faith in friends (worldly beings), how can I possibly have all of my faith in God? It’s clear. I can’t. So there is a second lesson that I’ve learned from this situation. Another would have to be concerning the “getting something in return”. While I don’t give to friends in order to get something in return, in a friendship, or any relationship, give and take is sort of expected I think. I haven’t really come up with the answer to that one yet, but it’s another point to focus on later.

“How do you end a friendship on Gods terms?” That has been my question of the night. As I said, I’m ashamed to admit that the Bible wasn’t the first place I went to, but when I did, I began pretty simply; I went to the concordance and looked up the word “friend”. That simple start didn’t get me very far as far as the literature itself goes, but it did lead me to the previously shared realizations that I had.

I know from my recent studying of the Bible that It tells me how to act concerning other people, so I just need to go there next. I am however choosing to wait until tomorrow to do that, rather than taking on this quest after midnight. But about ending a friendship: I suppose my real question is, CAN you end a friendship “on Gods terms”? Does it end, or does the relationship just change? Does communication cease? If so, how is that handled peaceably? These are just some of the questions that have been flooding my mind on the subject. I’m sure that I will be following up on this post if I come up with anything profound or awe-inspiring. Until then, God has blessed each of you and will continue to do so. We serve an awesome God, don’t forget through all of the ups and downs of this worldly life, to take the time to just thank Him.


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