Gods Timing

08 Jun

It has become clear to me that God gives us signs. He has been showing me signs often over the past couple of weeks, and while they are all in various situations, overall, all signs are pointing me to the same thing. One lesson. Something that I strongly believe that God is teaching me right now, is to see Him in all things.

There have been multiple situations lately, where I have just paused to think about how things had to work out the way they did because of Gods timing. It just doesn’t seem like there is any other reasonable answer. One example goes back to one week ago, when I posted “Music Speaks: Steady My Heart“. Anyone who has been in my car with me knows how I play with my iPod. I’ll skip fifty songs to get to the one I want to hear, and before it’s even half-way over, I’ll skip the next fifty to get to the next one. This being the case, I find it hard to believe that finding that song at the exact moment that I needed it was anything other than Gods timing.

Just a couple of days ago, I was sitting down to read for a Bible study that I attended today. I had put off that reading for the whole month, “so it would be fresh” when it was time for the group to meet. So, as I began reading the assigned chapters, I can’t even remember what else was going on, but I had another one of those moments, “this must be Gods timing. Why else would I just happen to be reading this exact chapter at this exact time?”

Those are only two of the examples that are standing out right now, but as I said, it has been happening a lot lately. Multiple times a day, it just hits me, “this has to be Gods timing.”

You always hear that God has His plans, and that “there’s a plan for everything”, and honestly…I never believed that until recently. I believe that there is a plan for everything, the outcome just depends on how you follow that set plan. God has a plan for me, just like He has a plan for you. Satan is going to throw anything and everything he can at you, trying to get you off of that path. Sometimes it works.  Sometimes Satan’s temptations cause us to stumble, but God is always right there if you choose to go back to Him, and to His plans.

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