For He Is Worthy

19 Jul

As I sit here “alone” for the first time in weeks, reading my new Lysa TerKeurst book, I find my mind roaming wildly. I’m trying to learn about God, but right now my mind is stuck. Stuck on thanksgiving. Not the rapidly approaching November holiday, but the thanksgiving that occurs daily from the acknowledgement of all of the blessings that God has rained down on such an undeserving sinner.

I’m thinking of so many worldly situations that have been consuming me recently. I’m thinking about the way my worldly circumstances have interrupted what I would consider to be a two-month-long conversation with my Saviour. After getting my priorities back in order, I’m thinking of how this quiet time “alone” with God truly feels like I am getting back to being myself. “Myself” isn’t me, or simply something that I enjoy doing. “Myself” is a child passionately worshipping a God who created me for just this purpose. I’m thinking of how beautiful it is to be able to return into the loving arms of my Father, regardless of the mistakes I’ve made or how my focus may have temporarily shifted.

Suddenly all of these all-consuming worldly circumstances have simply faded into the background of my life and shine through, not as “problems” that I have been “dealing with”, but as the blessings that my Father has shown me.
My only real problem all this time has been that I allowed for my focus to stray from the One who deserves and is fully worthy of receiving such attention.

My mind is overflowing with love and gratitude toward the One who loves me like no other.
Rather than trying to focus on my reading, I am choosing to focus on my Lord! I am basking in the time and the opportunity to just thank Him, and to love Him, and glorify Him.
For He is worthy!

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One response to “For He Is Worthy

  1. lifewithmisty

    July 19, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    Good stuff!


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