A Plan

04 Aug

I have been feeling a clear presence of idolatry for the past couple of months. I have been feeling God urging me to get rid of the things that are somehow being kept a priority over Him. It’s hard to think that it’s even possible, but somehow things such as dvd collections hold some sort of importance to my husband and I. We are both fully aware that it is senseless but for some reason things like that still matter. Over the past two months, I’ve been praying over this frequently and talking to my husband about it, and we haven’t really been able to come up with an agreement on the situation. I keep getting confirmations that this is what God wants me to do-for whatever reasons I may or may not know right now-but now it seems that perhaps Someone decided to give one last push to get my husband and I on the same page, and to make it very clear that this is what we are supposed to do.

I keep thinking that it isn’t going to make sense to people…but then I quickly remember that it doesn’t have to. It isn’t supposed to. I keep remembering “they left everything and followed Jesus” – Luke 5:11. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can see a huge difference between what Luke was writing about, and what is happening to my family, but the verse has been speaking to me, and that’s not something that I can or will ignore. Maybe this is the next step that God needs me to take to continue growing in my relationship with Him. Maybe it’s just something that I need to do. The point is, that I don’t have any doubt about it. I don’t have any fear.

My living room is currently packed into two boxes. Those two boxes and a small television set are the only things from this room that will be leaving this house with us.

A friend asked me this morning if we have other options, if we “have a plan.” The only thought that came into my mind was this, “I have no plan, but I know that He does.” That’s enough. It’s enough for my family and it’s enough for me. It got me thinking about another Friend. Someone I’ve been pretty close to for a while. He hasn’t let me down yet, and I strongly believe that He won’t let me down in the future. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with this, but I know that I have no doubts, and no worries about this decision. God knows what He’s doing. Who am I to stand in the way?

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