God Is Not Dead

15 Aug

Listening to my iPod today as my husband drove the twenty-some miles to return me to my parents house for a few days, the song “God’s Not Dead” by The Newsboys began to play. I can never resist to sing along when I hear it. As the music rang through my heart and the words passed through my lips, my mind wasn’t exactly most focused on the song.

Gazing out the window, watching the quickly changing trees pass me at sixty miles per hour, I couldn’t help but take in the beauty that God has created all around us. The leaves have started to change for Fall, and there is evidence of every imaginable shade of green, yellow and orange, no two trees the same. The beauty of that scene faded into a bright, blue sky, so tranquil with its few scattered pure white clouds. Feeling the breeze blowing in my hair and smelling the fresh air was breathtaking. A thought suddenly entered my mind that stopped me from every other natural action. The thought was this, “No. God is most certainly NOT dead. He is all around us every day in everything that we do.” Yes, God is in the breeze that was passing between my fingers, and I could feel His love surrounding me.

How can anybody look at the multitude of blessings around them and deny that there is a God providing for them? How is it that we can so easily miss all of the things that exemplify His presence in everything around us?

It was then that I realized that I cannot even remember the last time that I just took a moment to enjoy-to appreciate-what we all too often consider to be “the little things” in life.
Today I am choosing to do just that. Today, I am taking the time to thank God for the beauty and the life that surround me.

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