Blossoming Spiritual Fruit: A Reminder

26 Oct





I write this blog with no profound lesson to be shared and no new insight. No, today as I sit to write this, my only intention is to share a bit of encouragement. I’m hoping that this may serve as a reminder when things get tough and Gods presence isn’t at the forefront of your mind.

God is always working.

Sometimes, the things of this world can get in the way, and we forget to focus on what is truly important. If we take the time to convene with the Father, and intentionally become aware of His being and His works, it is not difficult to see the many ways that He is working in everything around us.

Personally, one large area where I have been repeatedly reminded of Gods power lately is in His work in developing one of the Spiritual Fruits that I have had a long life-long trial with.

Yes, even motherhood has not helped me to develop a more godly patience. In fact, it has been just one more thing that I have “added to the list” of excuses for being intolerant of many−even standard−affairs. This has been a long recognized battle that I’ve just not known how to fight. I gave up. I gave it to God. I broke down, and I told Him that I didn’t know what else to do so I was just giving it to Him to do what He saw fit with it. Not surprisingly, that was exactly what I had needed to do for all of this time.

“…For when I am weak, then I am strong.”
2 Corinthians 12:10

I’ve been taking daily notice (unintentionally) of the numerous moments where my anger or annoyance is overcome with Gods love and vanished before it even has a chance to make itself known to others. Each time I realize what is happening, I take the time to acknowledge and thank Him for this great work that I was and am unable to accomplish within my own strength.

Along with this, it is also helping to strengthen my humility by making me more aware when the feelings of the flesh jump the gun and slip out before my brain and heart process that it is not the way I should be acting, and enabling me to come forward immediately when necessary and ask for the forgiveness that it sometimes called for.

My husband has seen a large difference as of late in the way that I have been handling things and he too knows that God is the only One who can be given the credit.

As long as I have struggled with my own impatience and the negative results that it has produced, I am truly in awe of the God that would love me enough with all of my many flaws, to free me from this burden to bring me closer to Him.

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