The Joys of Cooking…Or So They Say

10 Jan

I started off this week with a decision to attempt to eat healthy. A little late for a New Years resolution, but I’m perfectly ok with that. Oddly enough, I didn’t start a “diet”, and I’m not really trying to lose weight, and I really wasn’t even trying to eat healthy. No, I just started this out for fun.

It began with a morning playing online. I’m working on collecting Swag Bucks to find out how useful they can be when it comes time for Christmas shopping again (yeah I guess you could say I like to think ahead). I came across an opportunity to join something called SparkPeople in order to get some SBs, and it required no further information than an e-mail address. I signed up and purely because I had it, I started looking around on it and just for fun, I entered some health information and it set some “suggested goals” for my diet and nutrition.
Since I was being entertained by all of the nutrition information, I decided to track my food for the day and see how it went, just for kicks. By the end of the day I was really into it and very excited about the numbers that had come up as a result of my (lack of) work.

So again, just to see what would happen, I added in the exercise (not what they recommended but something none the less) and got excited about that too. Some how at the end of the day, by tracking this information in a way that appealed to me (having something to fill out rather than just writing it down on a piece of paper), I found myself actually having fun with this.

On the negative side of this little experiment….
I HATE COOKING…and as everybody already knows, freezer meals aren’t exactly known for being high in nutrients. So I sat down to Pinterest (possibly the best invention ever) to look for some healthy eating ideas. What is common knowledge to most people has come as quite an irritation to me; actual cooking requires a lot of ingredients! To be fair, “a lot” of ingredients to me means that I have to do more than open a box, however in trying to be the good wife and mother that I was designed to be, I have decided that I will make this sacrifice for my family and I will….*shudder to think*, cook. 

Now I say all of this in a light-hearted manner and with a sense of “fun” to it, but there is a real meaning to it as well. Part of that meaning comes from a bit of self-examination of what I am teaching my daughter.
My husband and I both have very–let’s just say–loose nutritional values, and it has occurred to me that with a three-year-old who is now asking for candy all the time, it is going to be difficult to teach her the importance of eating healthy if it isn’t something that we model for her (just like anything else). It is my responsibility (along with my husband, of course) to teach her and to train her (Proverbs 22:6), and to nurture her.

Children today don’t get much of a biblical education in the world, and it is our responsibility to instil it in them. One aspect of this is that I must teach my daughter to be the girl, woman and someday wife and mother that the Bible instructs her to be. How am I to do this if I am not modeling a good example for her? I can’t tell her that she is expected to do something that I am not doing myself. The Bible speaks quite squarely about hypocrisy and I don’t intend to ignore it when God is clearly showing me that I need to change some things that I’m doing.

So as for this new “nutritional journey” that I have stumbled upon, I suppose that my daughter and husband and I will all learn this lesson together. Perhaps this is the answer to my prayers that my family may “learn and grow together”, although not the way I had expected it may be answered, but then again, they rarely are.

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