Mr. Right/Perfect Love

27 Jan

I’ve been repeatedly reminded in recent months that so much of the focus of todays youth has to do with finding “Mr./Miss Perfect.”
Now, I have to use the term “todays youth” somewhat loosely as I myself am only twenty-three and therefore in many ways, those words still apply to me. However, I also feel that I have aged quite rapidly, especially in the past four years since getting married only one month shy of turning nineteen. (Note that I said “aged”, not “matured”)

As I look at the young girls around me, aged most commonly eighteen and nineteen, it pains my heart to see the obsessive hunt for the right person. Even more, it pains me that this search is often based on a fantasy.

The fantasy for finding love seems to be that the ideal person will be an exact copy of you, in the opposite sex. I hear so many girls talking about the fact that all of their relationships “fail” because the potential suitor “was starting to irritate me.” The fantasy tells us (young girls, especially) that the “right person” will never upset us, will never hurt us, and will do absolutely everything to make sure that we are happy in every way at all times.

But here’s the quandary; there’s only ONE person who can provide all of that, and He isn’t walking around today looking for a date.Perfect Love

Christ is the only “Perfect Man.” He is the only One who will never fail you, never hurt you, never let you down, and always provide for you.

As the mother of an all too quickly growing daughter, I have come to be determined that this is something that I will teach her from a very early age, in hopes that if nothing else sticks, this will. My daughter (and all other girls) need to know that the love of a man is not only not “perfect”, but it also is not really what is missing from their lives, but that it is The Son of Man that will show them what perfect love really is.

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    January 27, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Nice reminder.Thank you.


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