A Busy Silence

19 Feb

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t really been posting much lately. A friend requested that I start posting everyday, and while I can’t force the thoughts to come together any old-time I want them to, his request got me thinking, so I thought I’d get on here and let everyone know what all has been going on to keep me distracted from valyoume.

First and foremost, my focus has been outside of the realm of reading to books that I so enjoy that generally inspire my blog topics. For the past few months, my focus has been scattered on the subject of my daughters education.

My little girl will be starting kindergarten this year, and we/I will be home-schooling her. Even I hadn’t realized just what an undertaking this would be until I’ve spent countless sleepless days and night sitting awake (barely) trying to figure out just exactly how I want for her education, and each and every lesson to play out.

For the most part my husband and I have kept our decision to home-school to ourselves. Only those very close to us have been entirely informed, although I believe I briefly mentioned it in a previous post. However, we have also discussed it with a counsellor that we see together who immediately told us what a horrible idea it is for both us and for our daughter. We are strong in our choice, however, and we truly believe that it is the best way to go. After all, I don’t know of a better way to teach her the lessons of God, rather than the lessons of the world. We want God to be intertwined throughout each and every facet of her daily life, and don’t see that being very likely when she has to leave Him at the door of a school building each morning.

So, yes, I’ve been quite busy building my curriculum and decided how, when and where each bit of information should go to flow in a way that I think would be most beneficial for everyone.

Fitting Room


I have been doing some reading in my spare time. I have been reading The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter, which I’ve actually started and restarted in the last month. I have only gotten a couple of chapters in each time, however both times, I have been amazed by how much of what she writes describes my past quite fittingly.

I began this book out of sheer curiosity. I had seen so many versions of the Armour of God through the males perspective–I was enthralled when I spotted this book. Having not read anything by this author before, did not deter me one bit, and I am excited to continue and hopefully share some wisdom gained through the experience.

4 Seasons

I have also recently begun to read “The 4 Seasons of Marriage” by Gary Chapman. I am     also not far into this book, although I suppose four or five chapters is pretty good  considering all that has been going on and the fact that I just started it last night.
I have only gotten through the descriptions of the first two seasons, yet I can certainly see   how both have applied in my marriage and am excited to see where the rest of this book will  lead to and what it will teach me about my/our marriage, both of the past as well as in the  future.


So that is what has been keeping me occupied as of late. I hope my readers don’t think that I’ve forgotten about them, or worse yet, that I’ve forgotten about the marvelous God whom we serve and owe great and unending praise to.
No, I’m still here and while my heart is still set on Him, my mind is currently set on how to best show and teach His love to my daughter.
I will try to be posting more often as I work through the task at hand.

God bless.


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One response to “A Busy Silence

  1. nopew

    February 21, 2013 at 9:22 am

    Nice to hear the hiatus happened for okay reasons, not a disaster. We thought about homeschooling, but went the public route. All of our daughters found friends who serve Jesus who remain even into adulthood. All I know is, follow God`s call. Of the people we know who chose the home route all found others doing the same. That support was vital.
    God bless the path you walk on this and all other life choices.


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