Starving the Flesh

27 Feb

“Starve the flesh.”
I’ve now come across this suggestion in two separate books, by two different authors, on two unrelated topics.

“Relinquish the old•Starve the flesh•Cease from certain practices”

↑ This was the final note that I had made in the last moments the previous time that I had time to sit down to read “The Fitting Room.”
Coming back to it today, this is where I pick up.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; God’s divine timing.
Could it be a coincidence that these three words keep coming back to me? Maybe, but I believe that it is something more, something stronger–something divine.

Addiction. It is described as “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice…to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.”
While I’d like to say that I have no addictions, that wouldn’t quite be true. If I deny the truth, it will only continue to inflict this “trauma” onto my soul.

Addictions, I’ve found, tend to sneak up on us from a number of places and often times, they come from the most unexpected of places.
Early in our marriage, my husband and I learned that he had an addiction to video games.
Up until the point where the important things in life began to be neglected, neither of us would have considered it to be any more than a hobby.

I myself have an “addictive personality.” Once I find something that I like, I am obsessive about it, and will focus almost solely on that one thing until something somehow breaks the spell.
Sometimes, these addictions of mine can be good. For example, I’m “addicted” to planning my daughters education. I’m “addicted” to reading books that will help me to understand and learn about God and His word.
However, on the other side of this coin, I’ve been addicted to food, to television, to music and to so many other things that have taken my focus from where it needs to be, and many of them, as addictions, will do far more harm than good.

I am in one of those phases now. As I am coming to identify it, I know what I must do.


Starve the flesh before addiction causes starvation of the spirit.


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2 responses to “Starving the Flesh

  1. nopew

    February 27, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    Simple yet profound, straight as a line but as wide as a field. May you find a new centre in Christ through this inspiring revelation. Now, time for me to think about…


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