Purposeful Femininity

27 Mar

It has been becoming increasingly evident to me as of late that I am becoming more feminine.
I know, I know–at twenty three years old, I should have probably figured it all out by now, but I guess you could say I’m a bit of a late bloomer.

Growing up, I was the girl with baggy jeans and greatly oversized t-shirt. I had unkempt hair and make up and nail polish? While I owned plenty, I would rarely be caught wearing either. No, I was much more likely to be found biting my nails or working on some construction project with my dad.
On the other end of the spectrum you would find my sister. Well–you might find her there, or more likely out shopping. Yes, she was always the “fashion plate” of the house, always knowing what was in style.
It’s a running joke in the family that she was born three weeks past due because she couldn’t decide what to wear and how to fix her hair.

Around the time when I accepted God into my heart, He began planting seeds of femininity. At first, I really didn’t notice. In fact, most of my life I had spent time deliberately avoiding anything that would place me into the category of being feminine or “lady-like.”


Over time I have come to accept that God created me as a woman and with that, He has intended for me to act as such.
It occurred to me a few nights ago as I sat painting my nails for the spring season and upcoming Easter for the second time within a week, that while I may not have been intentionally making these changes in myself, it certainly seems that Someone has.

Purposeful femininity has never been a topic in which I’ve invested much attention or thought, however, I have been actively seeking to be the godly wife that I know I was designed to be and with that, also goes being feminine.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have still got quite a long road ahead of me to fit perfectly (as if there is such a thing) into the role of the Proverbs 31 woman, but every trip has to begin somewhere, right? I can certainly see the distance that has already been travelled and I eagerly look ahead to see what other surprises I may find.

As I continue on this journey, I can only continue to rely on the Power of the Father and will continue to pray that He guide and teach me to be the crown that glorifies my husband. What better way to do that than to be the woman that God had in mind when he created me?

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